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StatSpy gives you access to game-changing analytical tools to improve your CS:GO game. Demo playback, heatmaps, and advanced statistics are just the tip of the iceberg. Click on the the classic matches below to see what StatSpy is all about!


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How it Works

  • Upload a Game

    Upload any demo of any size to StatSpy. It will then be stored on our servers and analyzed within minutes.

  • View it

    View your database of uploaded demos by map, team, demo name, tags, result, and player in an easy-to-manage database.

  • Watch matches

    Watch your demo round-by-round with accurate actions to the tick. Reference to automatically generated statistics for each match and each round.

  • Comment

    Comment on a round, use drawings to indicate positioning and play, tag your matches for database reference, zoom in on specific locations, and choose the speed of your round replay.

  • Communicate

    Send your matches with comments, drawings, and time indicators to your friends and team with the click of a button.

  • Dive Into Data

    Delve into the statistics suite and explore a vast amount of data, create custom statistics, compare matches, and find trends.

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